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Bentley’s Age – Get the Latest from Teen Mom

Are you a fan of Teen Mom OG? If so, you’re probably curious about Bentley, the son of Maci Bookout, one of the show’s beloved stars. Bentley has been growing up before our eyes, and his age is a hot topic among fans. In this article, we’ll reveal the latest on Bentley’s age and provide some interesting insights about his journey on the show.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bentley, the son of Maci Bookout from Teen Mom OG, is now 14 years old.
  • Maci recently celebrated Bentley’s birthday with a heartfelt Instagram post.
  • Maci’s relationship with Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards, has been strained for years.
  • Bentley’s milestones and graduation were showcased on the recent season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.
  • Maci remains hopeful for Bentley’s future and his relationship with Ryan.

Maci’s Birthday Tribute to Bentley

Bentley's birthday

Maci Bookout, the proud mother of Bentley, recently took to Instagram to celebrate her son’s birthday in a heartwarming way. She shared a beautiful collage of photos that showcased Bentley’s journey from his adorable toddler years to the remarkable young man he has become today.

The birthday tribute included a mix of current pictures, capturing Bentley’s bright smile and infectious energy, along with precious toddler snapshots that brought back cherished memories of his early years. The collage beautifully depicted Bentley’s growth and transformation over the years.

In the caption accompanying the post, Maci expressed her immense pride and love for Bentley, emphasizing how incredibly proud she is of the person he has become. It was a touching tribute that resonated with fans and showed how deeply Maci cherishes her son.

“Happy Birthday to the most incredible son a mama could ask for. Bentley, you have grown into such an amazing young man, and I am so grateful to have you as my son. Your kindness, strength, and spirit inspire me every day. Keep shining, my sweet boy. I love you to the moon and back!” – Maci Bookout

Bentley’s birthday celebration on social media was met with an outpouring of love and well wishes from fans, who adore him for his genuine personality and bright presence on Teen Mom OG. Maci’s tribute not only celebrated his birthday but also served as a reminder of the strong bond between mother and son.

Through her heartfelt words and the nostalgic photos she shared, Maci Bookout showcased her love and pride for Bentley on his special day. It was a beautiful tribute that captured the essence of their relationship and celebrated the incredible young man Bentley has become.

Maci’s Relationship with Ryan

Maci Bookout’s relationship with Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards, has been strained for several years. In a recent interview, Maci revealed that they have had no contact and do not have a relationship. This has made co-parenting challenging, and their difficulties have been shown on-screen.

Their strained relationship has been a source of tension and stress for both Maci and Bentley. Despite attempts to co-parent, their differences and lack of communication have proven to be major obstacles.

“It’s been really hard. We’ve tried different approaches and methods, but it just hasn’t worked for us,” Maci shared in the interview. “There’s a lot of history and unresolved issues between us that make it difficult to find common ground.”

Maci’s main priority is Bentley’s well-being, and she continues to navigate their co-parenting journey with determination and grace. She acknowledges the importance of healthy co-parenting for Bentley’s sake and strives to provide him with stability and love.

While their relationship remains strained, Maci remains hopeful that things will improve over time. She believes that Bentley deserves to have a relationship with his father and hopes that Ryan will step up and address the issues that have caused their strained relationship.

Through it all, Maci has shown resilience and strength, putting Bentley’s needs first and doing her best to create a positive co-parenting environment despite the challenges she faces.

Challenges in Maci and Ryan’s Relationship Impact on Co-Parenting Maci’s Hope for the Future
Lack of communication and unresolved issues Difficulties in finding common ground and making joint decisions Maci hopes for an improved relationship between Bentley and Ryan
Misalignment in parenting styles and values Tension and conflicts during exchanges and visitation Maci believes Bentley deserves a relationship with his father
Trust issues and past hurt feelings Challenges in maintaining open and honest communication Maci encourages Ryan to address the issues to build a healthy relationship

Bentley’s Milestones and Graduation

Bentley's Graduation

In the season finale of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Maci and Bentley shared a heartfelt conversation about Bentley’s upcoming graduation and transition to high school. In this episode, Bentley reflected on how quickly this past year has passed by, expressing his amazement at his own growth and accomplishments. Maci reassured Bentley that both she and his father are incredibly proud of him and his achievements.

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However, this milestone occasion also shed light on the challenges that Bentley has faced due to his father Ryan’s absence, stemming from jail time and addiction issues. Despite this, Bentley’s strength and resilience have shone through, and he remains determined to move forward in his educational journey.

Maci’s Hope for Bentley’s Future

Maci's Hope for Bentley

Despite the strained relationship between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, Maci remains hopeful for the future of Bentley’s relationship with his father. She believes that there is always a possibility for Ryan to be a part of Bentley’s life if he chooses to step up and take on his role as an adult and a father.

Maci’s hope for Bentley’s future is rooted in her desire for him to have a strong and healthy relationship with both parents. She understands the importance of Bentley having a positive male role model in his life and hopes that Ryan can fulfill that role.

Co-parenting can be challenging, but Maci is committed to creating a supportive environment for Bentley. She recognizes that their relationship will evolve over time and is optimistic that Ryan will have the opportunity to be more involved in Bentley’s life as he grows older.

“I want Bentley to have a relationship with his dad. I want them to build a bond that can withstand any challenges they may face. As Bentley grows, I hope Ryan will take the necessary steps to be there for him,” Maci expressed.

Maci’s hope for Bentley’s future extends beyond their own relationship. She believes that a Teen Mom OG reunion could potentially provide an opportunity for Bentley and Ryan to reconnect and rebuild their bond. Maci is open to the idea of reconciliation and hopes that it can lead to a positive change in their family dynamic.

Throughout the ups and downs, Maci’s love for Bentley remains unwavering. She will continue to support him and guide him through life, ensuring that he has the best possible future.

Maci’s Hope for Bentley’s Future:

  • Despite their strained relationship, Maci hopes for Ryan to be a part of Bentley’s life.
  • She believes that Ryan has the opportunity to step up as a father as Bentley grows older.
  • Maci remains committed to co-parenting and creating a positive environment for Bentley.
  • She is open to the idea of a Teen Mom OG reunion to help rebuild their bond.
  • Maci’s love for Bentley is unwavering, and she will continue to support him throughout his life.

Maci’s Reflections on Teen Mom

Maci Bookout reflections on Teen Mom

In a podcast interview, Maci Bookout, the well-known star of the Teen Mom series, shared her candid thoughts on her continued involvement in the show and the impact it has had on her life. With each passing season, Maci considers the future, taking into account how she can continue to contribute and inspire others through her experiences.

Maci Bookout sees Teen Mom as more than just a reality TV series; she views it as a reflective tool for personal growth. Through the challenges and triumphs captured on-screen, Maci has gained valuable insights about herself, her relationships, and her role as a mother. The show has provided her with a platform to reflect on her choices, learn from her mistakes, and evolve as an individual.

Despite the highs and lows of being in the spotlight, Maci Bookout believes that there have been many positive takeaways from her Teen Mom journey. She acknowledges that while the show has its fair share of drama, it has also given her the opportunity to inspire others who may be facing similar experiences. Maci strives to use her platform to shed light on important issues and offer support to those who may be navigating their own parenthood journey.

“Teen Mom has allowed me to share my story and show the realities of being a young mother. It’s not always easy, but I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can provide guidance and comfort to others who may be going through similar situations.”

Maci Bookout’s reflections on Teen Mom demonstrate her introspective nature and her commitment to growth. She continues to approach each season with an open mind and a willingness to share her story, all the while keeping her focus on the positive impact she can have on others.

Maci’s Key Reflections

  • Teen Mom as a platform for personal growth
  • Learning from mistakes and evolving as an individual
  • Inspiring others through shared experiences
  • Highlighting important issues and offering support
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Bentley’s Growing Up in the Spotlight

Bentley Edwards, son of Maci Bookout from Teen Mom OG, has been in the spotlight since his birth on 16 and Pregnant and subsequent appearances on Teen Mom. As he continues to grow up, fans have had the opportunity to witness his journey and development firsthand.

Maci often shares updates about Bentley on social media, giving glimpses into his life and showcasing his maturity and unique personality. These updates are met with admiration from fans who have watched him grow up on the show.

Bentley’s celebrity status has allowed him to gain a large following and become a recognizable figure within the Teen Mom community. Many fans appreciate his endearing qualities and the way he handles himself in the public eye.

As Bentley grows older, his experiences and the influence of his celebrity status will continue to shape his life. It remains to be seen how he will navigate the challenges that come with being in the spotlight, but one thing is for certain – fans are eager to see what the future holds for this remarkable young man.

Maci’s Family with Taylor McKinney

In addition to Bentley, Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, have two other children together. They share a son named Maverick, who is six years old, and a daughter named Jayde, who is seven years old. Maci’s family life with Taylor is also featured on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney’s relationship has been a central focus of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. The couple married in 2016 and have built a loving and supportive family together. Their children, Maverick and Jayde, add even more joy and adventure to their lives.

“Being a part of Maci’s family has been an incredible journey,” Taylor shared in an interview. “We love our kids and strive to provide them with a stable and nurturing environment.”

Their children bring a unique dynamic to Maci’s life and give her a deeper understanding of parenthood. Maci and Taylor’s commitment to raising their kids with love and care is evident in their daily lives and interactions on the show.

Maci’s family is a testament to the strength and resilience of their bond. Bentley, Maverick, and Jayde are surrounded by a supportive and loving environment, ensuring that they grow up with a strong foundation of love and happiness.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll explore Maci’s close relationship with her mother and the role she plays in their lives.

Maci’s Support System

Maci Bookout, star of Teen Mom OG, has always relied on the unwavering support of her mother throughout her journey. Maci’s mom plays a vital role as her pillar of strength and provides guidance during challenging times.

In discussions about Bentley and his relationship with his father, Ryan Edwards, Maci’s mother offers valuable insights and perspectives. Through their conversations, Maci gains a better understanding of the complex dynamics at play and receives reassurance about her parenting decisions.

Maci’s mom emphasizes the significance of maintaining a stable and positive environment for Bentley’s growth and well-being. She is a source of comfort and encouragement, reminding Maci of the importance of creating a nurturing and loving atmosphere for her son.

Having a strong support system like her mother enables Maci to navigate the ups and downs of co-parenting with greater resilience. It also allows her to stay focused on providing the best possible life for Bentley, instilling in him the values of love, stability, and compassion.


“Your relationship with Bentley is your priority, and I’m proud of the mother you’ve become. Stay strong and always remember the importance of a stable and positive environment for him.”

Maci’s mom

Maci’s Support System – A Comparison

Maci’s Mom Other Influences
Understanding of dynamics with Ryan
Emphasis on stability

Maci’s mom plays an irreplaceable role in her support system, offering guidance, understanding, reassurance, and promoting stability. While other influences may exist, they lack the depth of understanding and unique bond that Maci shares with her mother.

Maci’s Hope for Ryan’s Recovery

Despite the challenges they have faced, Maci Bookout remains hopeful for Ryan Edwards’ recovery. Recognizing that Ryan is Bentley’s father, Maci believes that his journey to overcome his addiction struggles is essential for their son’s well-being. Maci understands the importance of a healthy relationship between Bentley and Ryan and emphasizes the positive impact it can have on their family dynamics.

“I want the best for Ryan, but more importantly, I want Bentley to have a father who is present and sober,” Maci expressed in a recent interview. “I hope that Ryan can conquer his addiction and provide the love and support that Bentley needs.”

Maci’s hope for Ryan’s recovery stems from her genuine concern for Bentley’s happiness and stability. She understands the impact that a supportive and present father figure can have on a child’s life, and she remains cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a positive future for Bentley and Ryan.

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Importance of Ryan’s Recovery for Bentley

Bentley’s relationship with his father has been impacted by Ryan’s addiction struggles. As Bentley grows older, he needs a stable and reliable presence in his life, especially from his father. Ryan’s recovery would not only benefit his own well-being but also create a healthier environment for his son.

Maci firmly believes that Bentley deserves to have a positive relationship with Ryan and hopes that he can overcome his addiction issues to fulfill his role as a father. She recognizes the importance of Ryan’s ongoing recovery journey in establishing a healthy connection and ensuring Bentley’s emotional growth and development.

Benefits of Ryan’s Recovery for Bentley Impact of Ryan’s Addiction Struggles
1. Establishing a positive father-son bond 1. Strained relationship between father and son
2. Providing emotional support and guidance 2. Absence of a stable and reliable father figure
3. Promoting a healthy family dynamic 3. Disruptions and tensions within the family
4. Boosting Bentley’s self-esteem and confidence 4. Potential negative influence on Bentley’s well-being

The table above highlights the potential benefits of Ryan’s recovery for Bentley and the negative impact of Ryan’s addiction struggles on their relationship. Maci’s hope for Ryan’s recovery is driven by her desire to provide Bentley with a loving and supportive family environment.


Bentley Edwards, the 14-year-old son of Maci Bookout from Teen Mom OG, has become a household name among fans of the show. Maci has been transparent about their journey, sharing updates on Bentley’s milestones and her hopes for his future.

Throughout the years, Maci has navigated a strained relationship with Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards. Despite the challenges they face, Maci remains dedicated to co-parenting and creating a positive life for her son.

As Bentley continues to grow up in the spotlight, Maci’s updates on social media keep fans engaged and connected. She shares glimpses of Bentley’s maturation and unique personality, which have captivated viewers since his early days on the show.

Maci’s commitment to Bentley’s well-being shines through her efforts to maintain a stable and supportive environment. Her open-hearted approach and hope for Ryan’s recovery demonstrate her unwavering optimism for the future.


How old is Bentley from Teen Mom?

Bentley Edwards, the son of Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, is now 14 years old.

What did Maci do to celebrate Bentley’s birthday?

Maci Bookout, Bentley’s mother, shared a collage of photos on Instagram to celebrate his birthday.

What is the relationship between Maci and Bentley’s father, Ryan?

Maci revealed in a recent interview that she has no contact and does not have a relationship with Ryan Edwards.

What was discussed in the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter season finale?

In the season finale, Bentley and Maci talked about his upcoming graduation and transition to high school, highlighting the challenges of Ryan’s absence.

What are Maci’s hopes for Bentley’s relationship with Ryan?

Maci hopes that as Bentley grows older, Ryan will step up as an adult and be there for his son.

How does Maci feel about continuing on Teen Mom?

Maci now takes the show season by season and sees it as a reflective tool for personal growth.

How is Bentley growing up in the spotlight?

Bentley, who has been on the show since his birth, continues to update fans on social media, showcasing his maturity and unique personality.

How many children does Maci have with Taylor McKinney?

Maci and Taylor McKinney have two other children together, a son named Maverick who is six years old, and a daughter named Jayde who is seven years old.

Who is Maci’s support system?

Maci’s close relationship with her mother provides support and guidance in navigating her complicated dynamics with Bentley’s father.

What does Maci hope for Ryan’s recovery?

Maci believes that Ryan’s recovery is essential for Bentley’s well-being and hopes that he can overcome his addiction issues for his son’s sake.

What are the latest updates on Bentley from Teen Mom?

Bentley Edwards, the son of Maci Bookout from Teen Mom OG, continues to grow up in the spotlight, with Maci providing occasional updates on his milestones and future.

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